Fans still want Shah Rukh Khan to play Don in Don 3

Despite the recent announcement that Ranveer Singh will be taking over the iconic role of Don in the upcoming movie “Don 3,” fans are expressing their strong desire for Shah Rukh Khan to reprise his role as the titular character.

Shah Rukh Khan, who portrayed Don in the 2006 film “Don: The Chase Begins Again” and its 2011 sequel “Don 2: The King Is Back,” has left an indelible mark on the franchise with his charismatic portrayal of the character.

Social media platforms have been flooded with sentiments from fans who believe that Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of Don is irreplaceable. Many fans have highlighted Shah Rukh’s unique voice, dialogue delivery, and overall persona as integral to the success and legacy of the Don series.

Despite acknowledging Ranveer Singh’s talent, fans are adamant that there can be no “Don 3” without Shah Rukh Khan at the helm. Comments on various platforms have expressed disappointment and skepticism regarding the casting of a new actor as Don.

Fans have emphasized that Shah Rukh Khan’s magic and charisma in the role are unparalleled and that any attempt to replace him would not do justice to the iconic character. The sentiment among fans is clear: Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of Don has become synonymous with the character, making it challenging for any other actor to step into his shoes.

As the anticipation for “Don 3” continues to build, fans are vocal about their unwavering support for Shah Rukh Khan as the definitive Don. The outpouring of love and nostalgia for Shah Rukh’s portrayal underscores the deep connection fans have with his interpretation of the character.

While the decision to cast a new actor may have stirred controversy, fans still remain steadfast in their belief that Shah Rukh Khan is the quintessential Don that they want to see on the big screen once again.

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